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Who Are We: Positioning In a Time of Crisis

Who Are We: Positioning In a Time of Crisis

Who Are We: Positioning In a Time of Crisis

In times like these, nothing looks ‘normal,’ and marketing efforts are no exception. As Marketers, we’re agile and flexible pivoting to meet the needs of those we serve and conditions that may arise but despite keeping a pulse on the industry, a worldwide pandemic wasn’t on the radar. In unique situations like this one, we need to shift things in a big way to meet the need arising. 

Your Angle

It’s fair to say that during COVID-19, we need to reimagine how we’re selling our services and very possibly what we are selling during this time. For example, many businesses are forced to mitigate their risk, worry about cutting costs, and making significant changes—it might not be the right time for a new website right now. Instead, updates and response communications to COVID-19 are in high demand. Routine communications aren’t going to cut it in this situation, either. Instead, we need to embrace the chaos to overcome it.

In this way, recognize that it’s okay to be afraid right now know what? Everyone is feeling this way. There’s so much uncertainty day-to-day for almost every industry. The whole business world is facing the hardship of what this means for them, their employees, and their families. 

I’ve heard this situation compared to one of grieving. And It’s true. Lives are being turned upside down. So, your tone needs to reflect these times in that way, too. It might seem simple or obvious but finding your footing in a time like this can be difficult.

If you were reaching out to a friend going through a hard time, how would you approach them? You would be open, honest, and meet the challenge they are facing head-on together to guide them through it.

How can we help you through this difficult period?
How can we best serve you at this time? 
What can we do for YOU right now? 

Those are the questions we need to consider and communicate at a time of crisis, and I believe we will be all the better for it. 

Why Invest in Marketing Now?

When so many people are struggling, the tone you take with others at a time like this can define your business in their eyes. Showing generosity during hard times can build loyalty that far outlasts the pandemic we’re going through, and can even define your image for some. The harsh reality is that not every business is going to be here when this is over. Consumers are going through life-altering struggles too, but our job as marketers is to communicate in a way that makes our audience feel something. 

Businesses that invest in marketing during times of crisis can make a difficult time work well for them—when their tone is compassionate and appropriate to recent events. 

Business owners are reigning in their budget, and while advertising and offering discounts may work for some of them, it strictly depends. One thing is for sure, messaging should be repositioned to become part of the conversation. We’re seeing so many people give in this time of need, whether that’s streaming live performances, free content, physical donations, making people laugh, people are coming together to make this time just a little easier for each other.

So, would you rather be defined as kind and compassionate—or business as usual? That’s a heavy question.