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How to Use Social Media for Storytelling (and Why)

How to Use Social Media for Storytelling (and Why)

Brand storytelling has always played an integral part in successful marketing, and when done properly, it can build personal connections with customers. As part of Facebook’s ongoing fight against fake news and clickbait, it has announced yet another initiative aimed to reduce spammy posts on the platform.

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm update is taking action against “engagement bait,” where publishers specifically ask users to vote, like, or share a post in order to artificially boost reach. These types of posts will be demoted in the News Feed and in the future, Pages that repeatedly use these tactics could get all of their posts demoted.

How can you reach your audience and build engagement without “engagement bait?” The answer: Create relevant content through brand storytelling.

Tell your story with video
Nothing lets you tell your story in a more personal or interactive way than with video. In fact, video’s dominance in social media has grown significantly in the past year. Got a big event happening? Share it with live video! After all, it’s no secret that Facebook Live videos are likely to rank three times higher in your followers’ News Feeds than static posts.


Show the real you 
Storytelling is more engaging (and believable) when it’s personalized. Stay away from cluttering your Instagram feed with only stock photography. Instead, focus on capturing photos or creating designs that show your company’s true colors and the story you want to tell.


Empower your community
The best way to get your followers engaged? Let them be a part of your story! Untap the potential of user-generated content by promoting a social media contest, asking customers to share their personal stories, or by creating a unique hashtag where your fans can share relevant content.


Talk the talk 
The way you tell your story matters. Whether you’re looking to inspire, motivate, or inform your followers on social media, the words you use create part of the visual of your story. Speak (and think) like your target audience.

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