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Lights, Camera, Action! 4 Reasons to Go Live on Facebook

Lights, Camera, Action! 4 Reasons to Go Live on Facebook

Although Facebook Live isn’t one of Facebook’s newest features, it is a feature that most companies are hesitant to experiment with. We get it! Putting your brand and yourself out there for your Facebook followers can be intimidating. But you know what they say, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” 

Below are four reasons we encourage you to push past the fear and broadcast live on Facebook.

Take advantage of Facebook’s algorithm
Did you know that Facebook Live videos are likely to rank three times higher in your followers’ news feeds than static posts? Just by posting a live video, you’re likely see the increase in reach you’ve been looking for.

Humanize your brand
Show your authentic self! Give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make your company’s products and services so great. Present yourself as the subject-matter-expert you are.

Engage with your audience
By broadcasting live on Facebook, you’ll have the opportunity to interact in real-time with your audience and vice-versa. This is the perfect opportunity to give followers who are tuning in a shoutout, provide answers to their questions, or discuss industry trends or product and service updates.

Repurpose your content
Download your live videos and use them on other social media platforms, like YouTube. This allows your audience to reference the content from your videos at a later date. 

If you’re looking to branch out of your social media comfort zone, but need a little help strategizing what that means for your company, contact the team at Citro Digital today!