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Give Your Website Visitors a Personal Shopper for a Personal Experience

Give Your Website Visitors a Personal Shopper for a Personal Experience

Remember the experience of walking into a store and having someone help you find exactly what you’re looking for? This made the shopping experience feel personal and productive. Now, imagine if you could give your website visitors that same special treatment - except this personal shopper already knows what you’re looking for before you even do. Say hello to our AI-powered friend, Recombee!


In our previous article, we talked about the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and how AI Powered tools can improve your customer experience. Now, we are going to dive a little deeper into the service we mentioned there - Recombee. 


Recombee specializes in recommendation services to increase customer satisfaction. But what does this look like in real life? 


Imagine you are doing some online shopping for a new coffee machine. You find the Coffee Maker 3000 and decide this is the perfect choice, *add to cart*. But before you complete your purchase you see at the bottom of the page, “Items you may also like:” and you notice coffee filters in the list of products. Now, in your cart is the Coffee Maker 3000 and coffee filters. 


Recombee analyzes and sorts data to make in-the-moment recommendations based on the user’s behavior patterns and on attributes of products to find where and what will spark the most interest in your user. 


You may have seen this type of “personal shopper” before on major retail websites like Amazon, Asos, and Target that have helped you in the past with finding the products you didn’t even know you needed. Tools like Recombee are also behind finding you the next best Netflix binge.  Just as in the example above, Recombee recognized that other coffee products would be the best recommendation for that specific user considering their search patterns. 


Overall, you can expect the following results:

  1. An increase in your site’s conversion rate

  2. Improved product engagement 

  3. A positive user experience 



Major retailers use recommendation services to improve their user experience and KPI’s. But Recombee is not limited to just e-commerce and the service is priced to help Their services can be applicable to events, job portals, mobile apps, education, and more.  


This AI recommender could be a unique solution for your business, but it’s all about providing the tool with the correct data. One of Recombee’s technology partners is someone who is very close to us… Kentico (recently rebranded to Xperience). This integration module makes data collection, data transfer, and content development as easy as possible. To know the full scope of Kentico’s integration, you can read more here


All in all, this can be a very powerful tool to improve multiple areas of your business. If you’re curious how Recombee could help you and your specific situation, then reach out to talk to one of our technology nerds.