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Give Your Website the Routine Maintenance it Deserves

Give Your Website the Routine Maintenance it Deserves

Picture this: You’re driving down the road in your 5-year-old car. It has a decent amount of miles and there has been a weird noise coming from the engine for a while that you’ve just been ignoring. After all, it’s running just fine. All of a sudden, the wheel starts to shake. The noise gets louder. Your dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree. You take it to your local, trusted mechanic. He informs you that the flim-flam is out of whack, and will cost you more than you’d like to pay to fix the problem, or you can replace the whosie-whatsit for a quarter of the price, but the problem is likely to occur again within the near future. What do you do?

Much like a vehicle, your website needs routine maintenance to stay in tip-top shape. Too often, we receive requests to fix the whosie-whatsit, or in web terms, perform a visual update referred to as a reskin. While a reskin can address some performance issues, it does not fix the root cause. For instance, we can change the color of a button to make it stand out more, and thus cause more users to click it. However, if the content of the page or placement of the button is not ideal, the button will still not reach its click potential.

While it might sound like the mechanic is giving you a great deal on a quick fix, make sure you explore all of your options. Sure, a reskin is faster and cheaper, but don’t forget that your flim-flam is still out of whack and your website will need more maintenance soon if you don’t get it fixed.

Redesigning a site is like tearing apart the engine. Not only does the website undergo a visual update, but we also address the root cause of other functionality issues. Is your current website mobile friendly? No worries, it will be after a redesign! Are your users just not signing up for your upcoming events, no matter how amazing they are? We can take care of that, too! Your trusted mechanic might have to charge you a little bit more in labor and parts, but your vehicle is running like you just drove it off the lot and it won’t need maintenance any time soon.

If you have a highly functional website to begin with, but you’re going through a brand update, a reskin is probably the right option. However, if you aren’t getting enough form submissions, your organic traffic is down, users aren’t registering for events, that rotator on the homepage just isn’t functioning the way you want it to, and worst of all, your site isn’t mobile friendly, you should bite the bullet, and fix that flim-flam!

Contact us today and we’ll take a peek under your websites’ hood.