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Kentico XPerience Site of the Year 2021 & Site of the Month (April)

Over the past year, Azzur Group’s website went through a redesign and migration between Kentico MVC 12 and Xperience 13. The work put into the new site was a success for us, and in general as was later chosen as Site of the Year 2021 by Kentico XPerience in the B2B category! 

The web project encompassed a redesign and migration between Kentico MVC versions 12 & Xperience 13, which allowed us to keep all of the work Citro had done while taking full advantage of Xperience 13’s updates: giving Azzur’s team a wholly customizable backend that could be updated when and as needed to help our client keep up with the rapidly changing industries they’re part of.


Since Azzur partners with GxP companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturers industries, it was important for them to remain at the forefront of any updates that may affect those industries. Xperience 13 provided them with a user-friendly toolbox and content personalization that enabled them to create new landing pages, update existing site pages, and provide the most current information or data to their clients around the world at a moment’s notice. Xperience made room for rapid scaling and growth as Azzur established new GxP facilities across the country, too!

Xperience Site of the Year Criteria

To become site of the year, websites launched in 2021 had to excel in a number of areas: 

  • Client satisfaction

  • Customer success

  • Ease of use

  • Interactivity

  • Graphic design

  • Content

  • Use of Kentico Xperience capabilities

  • Innovation

For the B2B category, checked all the right boxes! Not only were we able to provide a high-quality website for the client, we did so on a platform that offered them all of the right tools and flexibility to stay on top of their industry, and provide the best access to relevant content for their customers. The client was happy with how effortless it was to update content and create new landing pages, and their customers were ecstatic about the high levels of interactivity of the new website. This was a project where we put Kentico XPerience to the test and it made the job a breeze for our web-dev and design teams!


A Wild “Site of the Month” Appears

Another of our client websites,, was nominated for the April Site of the Month this year as well! This was another project built on the Kentico XPerience DXP that helped showcase the platform's robustness and brought the client's site to a whole new level.

If you’re looking to make your website an award-winning experience for your audience, reach out to Citro so we can work our magic, regardless of platform!