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How Social Media Shines the Light on Dog Rescues (And How It Can Help Your Business!)

How Social Media Shines the Light on Dog Rescues (And How It Can Help Your Business!)

If you’re like most social media users, you’ve probably witnessed an online photo or video of an irresistible dog go viral - And you may have even helped some reach their claim to fame by sharing it! While social media may just seem like a fun way to pass the time for some, it’s changed the lives of thousands of animals in rescue non-profit organizations.


In honor of National Puppy Day, we talked with Beth Mehaffey, founder of Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue in Perkasie, PA, to discuss how social media has helped her non-profit organization permanently find loving homes for dogs rescued from high kill shelters and unwanted situations. According to Mehaffey, Harley’s Haven has seen an increase in adoptions for many of their rescue dogs since they were founded in 2011 — something she attributes in part to the use of Facebook and Instagram.


"We get applications for our puppies basically the day we post them because we have such a large following! I think the more visible we are, the more dogs we can save — and social media has definitely increased our visibility." Beth Mehaffey explained.


Followers of the Harley’s Haven’s Facebook Page often share and tag their friends in the page’s posts to help spread the word of the rescue dogs who are seeking adoption. This, in turn, greatly helps to increase organic traffic to the page and has strengthened awareness of the organization and its mission. Businesses, including those in different industries, can learn from Harley’s Haven’s social success. Below are four ways your organization can leverage social media to help spread your message and bring awareness to your mission.


Personalize posts through storytelling
Telling each rescue dog’s story in the right way matters to Harley’s Haven. Followers of the page can get a real sense of each dog's personality through photos of the dogs and detailed biographies. The posts include information on each dog’s previous history, age, personality traits, vet evaluation, and adoption recommendations.


Connect with fans
Harley’s Haven is very responsive to messages and comments on its Facebook and Instagram Pages, answering questions and responding to inquiries in a timely manner.


Partner with other community organizations
Harley’s Haven regularly partners with local organizations to raise awareness and proceeds to support their mission of finding loving homes for their rescues. Check out their upcoming events on their Facebook page to find out more information!


Verify your Facebook Page
Verifying your Facebook Page confirms that your page is authentic and official, builds credibility, and makes it easier for your new fans to find your Page.

Interested in learning more about how to leverage social media for your business? We can help. Contact us today and follow Harley’s Haven on Facebook and Instagram to learn about their rescue dogs up for adoption!