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How The Daily Show Inspires Our Creativity

How The Daily Show Inspires Our Creativity

Recently, I have been listening to a podcast called “WorkLife with Adam Grant,” a production by Ted. Adam Grant dives deep into the day-to-day happenings of unusual workplaces to see what makes them successful. He got an inside look at The Daily Show and explored how they create their comedic material. So, how do they get the best ideas out of a group of 20+ people? Burstiness. A term used in the psychology to describe bursts of creativity that occur in group environments.

Burstiness is when everyone is speaking and responding to each other, interrupting and collaborating — all in a short amount of time. Most groups don’t get to this creative peak because people need to mutually respect one another and feel safe to express all ideas, even if others believe that they aren’t valid. The safety of these bursty sessions should be led by someone who truly believes no idea is a bad idea. However, that does not mean they are all good ideas, either. Therefore, everyone participating should be open to criticism. This is not an excuse to demoralize someone on your team, but rather an excuse to lift them up.

In addition to being open to criticism, participants also need to let their guard down. The ability to talk openly with your team members without fear of rejection is when the magic happens. Instead of thinking in terms of creative individuals, think of yourselves as a creative team. Burstiness unifies ideas and brings the team together.

Compared to going through your own stream of thought, burstiness allows you to share and bounce ideas off one another. It may not be your idea that makes it to the end, but it could be your idea that helps get the team there.

At Citro, we try to have burst sessions regularly. Whether we’re brainstorming ideas for social media posts, figuring out the solution to a functionality issue, or trying to create a sitemap, we always try to do it together as a creative team. After all, it's the perfect storm, and you know greatness only comes after the storm. Are you in need of a burst session? Contact us today for a consultation and we can get the creativity rolling.