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The Modern Marriage Between You and Your Digital Marketing Agency

The Modern Marriage Between You and Your Digital Marketing Agency

All relationships take work from both sides in order to be successful, meaningful, and uplifting. This includes couples, close friends, family, and even marketing partnerships. In this blog, we'll explore 4 keys to a successful and healthy relationship between organizations and their dedicated marketing agency.


We’ve all heard “good things take time” and this couldn’t be truer as it applies to your relationship with your digital marketing partner. Setting realistic goals for growth over an estimated period will yield the best results. The same can be said for smaller scale projects from a social graphic to a quarterly email. Allow your agency the time and breathing space to complete the due diligence needed to create a quality piece of marketing material.

On the flip side, your agency should provide you the necessary time to complete your end of a task. Whether it’s providing content to the team, providing feedback, or gathering a list of needs, you should feel relaxed and at ease when making decisions. Your agency should be mindful of project timelines and give you reminders to keep things on track without being too pushy. Pressure does create diamonds, but nobody wants to work under constant pressure.

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At its core, the relationship between you and your agency is built on commitment. You’ve committed to partnering with the agency of choice, and they’ve committed to you for a specific period. They’ve also committed to provide the brain power and talent needed to meet the goals or improve upon problem areas you’ve identified. When you’re in a groove and growth is noticeable, this commitment feels easy-peezy. Remember your commitment to each other when things get stressful or deadlines are near – you’re both here for each other, through the good AND the bad.

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When someone asks you, “How are you?”, how often do you honestly respond? Your agency wants you to feel comfortable enough to be honest with them, whether they’re asking how you’re doing or if they’re asking for feedback on materials they’ve provided to you. Your agency shouldn’t be married to anything they provide you and have the humility to stay open to constructive criticism. Your honest opinion should be welcomed so the final product can be crafted to fit the vision you had in mind. In turn, your agency should be honest when they don’t necessarily agree with a suggestion or feedback. Sometimes, agreeing to disagree will ultimately be the best solution, but with a shared comfort level that allows for open and honest communication.

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Communication is key, this is a given in most relationships. Healthy partners frequently communicate in order to stay on the same page, and you should be communicating with your agency on a weekly, if not daily basis. This is the foundation to keeping your goals on track. Don’t be afraid to communicate your business hopes, dreams, fears, and anxieties with your agency. Two heads are always more powerful than one, and your agency may provide unexpected suggestions to help ease these fears.

A great agency will always stay on top of things, so work doesn’t pile up on your plate all at once. Meeting agendas, summaries, next steps, and “need from you” lists should be communicated to you regularly. If things ever feel too quiet at any point, it’s a good idea to check in with your agency and make sure you’re still properly aligned.

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