With over 14 years on the market and 25,000+ websites running on Kentico’s Web Content Management and Online Marketing Platform, it’s a secure CMS you can trust. Now all you need is a Certified Kentico Gold Partner that’s flexible, collaborative, and goes above and beyond to meet your needs, yet exceed your expectations. Hello, we’re Citro Digital, Pennsylvania’s #1 Kentico partner.


GDPR Ready

Has the thought of a user requesting their data broken you out into a cold sweat? Well, users deserve power over their own data and you deserve to be stress-free. Not only does Kentico 12 adhere to General Data Protection Regulations, but it also ensures impromptu access to data in the case of user-requested alteration. 

Smart Lead Capturing

Data is key in the digital world. Having trouble building out the ideal customer profile? Kentico 12’s Intuitive drag-and-drop smart forms change dynamically throughout your user’s journey on your website. We’re talkin’ increased personalization, here. 


Content That Speaks to Each Unique Visitor

Excited to take your content personalization to the next level? This EMS feature, based on your visitor’s browser, demographics, behavior, and more, will serve the right content to the right customer, at the right time - and you’ll be jumping for joy. 

Email Marketing Done Better

We know what you’re thinking. Wouldn’t it be easier if I had my email marketing connected directly to my content management system? Say it again for the people in the back. With Kentico 12 EMS, you’ll be equipped with marketing automation complete with A/B testing, evaluation, and contact management through the entire sales funnel to optimize your touchpoints - all in one place. 


Get More Info About Kentico 12

We’ve just scraped the tip of the iceberg. Download our whitepaper and request to be contacted by a Kentico specialist to learn more about all Kentico 12 has to offer.



We’ve launched over 95 Kentico websites, grown our team of Kentico Certified Developers and Marketers, and achieved #1 Kentico Partner in Pennsylvania. Despite our growth, Citro Digital continues to treat our partners’ projects with the same attention to detail, premium quality, and assurance for scalable usability, now, as we have then.

As PA’s #1 Kentico Partner, we’re proud to put forth a great deal of effort to ensure our customers are confident with all the features of their new Content Management System. Whether it’s providing consult on the features best for specific needs or implementing different functionalities to meet business goals, we’re here for you throughout the entire process and beyond - after all, the web never sleeps.

We’ve spent over 15+ years of our combined development experience in Kentico, refining our process, creating sites that grew bolder, braver, and more brilliant than those that came before.