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Dollar Bank Locator

Industries: Banking, Finance

Dollar Bank

Dollar Bank is an independent community bank that has invested heavily in its communities throughout Ohio, Pennsylvnia and Virginia since 1855. They've upheld community empowerment as their mission by providing the banking solutions that help individuals and businesses alike do more in life.  

Dollar Bank’s priority is always the customer. They are constantly focused on providing their customers with easy access to banking and finding new ways to become more customer-centric. One of the ways they achieve this is by being a part of a network of partnerships that allow their customers to access non-Dollar Bank ATMs without any surcharges at any time.  

Although these partnerships were accommodating customer’s needs, Dollar Bank was using static text and manual processes to track branch and ATM locations. This presented a hiccup in their online customer experience. Through consistent meetings, Citro was able to collaborate with the Dollar Bank team to find a solution to take their system to the next level. By using current location data, Citro developers set out to enable the ability to display, track, and update ATM and branch locations seamlessly.

Whether it's planning, delivering, or maintaining Kentico Kontent can be a very powerful CMS tool. By leveraging Kentico Kontent Headless CMS, Citro was able to create a map that included all branch and ATM location data. 

The design of the Dollar Bank Locator Page was positioned to be mobile first and easily accessible on any device. Headless CMS offered this flexibility for omni-channels and gave full control over any future management access to update hours of operation, change of address, etc.  

Since this was a data-driven project, the UX design allowed the landing page to be structured and organized, which resulted in a simple, usable design for customers. Small details like custom icons to identify branches from ATMs, enabling your location, and displaying dynamic information all created a responsive locator page.

Creating the map involved an all-point ATM locator and Kentico data exports that turned a manual process into an automated one, and removed the need to manage a flat file. We translated it into an interactive Google Map by using and layering API data in conjunction with Kentico data. This provided users with a visual to find the nearest location, and a sense of interactivity and engagement. 

Users now have the ability to search based on defined filters like radius, types of offices, drive-thru center, private banking features, etc.. The users can set filters on predefined criteria for a more refined search that allows them to look for specific ATMs. We merged the all-point locator with Kentico, which can now provide live updates for each branch and location. 

Dollar Bank also wanted to link to Google My Business listings and additional pages with expanded details in order to further convey their services and availability, providing them with the opportunity to rank multiple ways (SEO/SEM). 



The old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” did not apply here. This was a story of opportunity and by making the right steps, Dollar Bank saw an overall improvement in customer experience. Kentico Kontent enabled Dollar Bank’s marketing team to update information on the fly and gave them the option to scale across multiple touch points.  

Citro’s role in this project stemmed from understanding Dollar Bank’s brand, their challenges, and finding where they can expand for their overall success. With the right partner, anything is possible.