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Kentico Website Redesign & Migration for Large Healthcare / Laboratory Services Organization

HNL Lab Medicine proudly serves the eastern Pennsylvania region with leading healthcare and laboratory services to patients of all ages. Their close relationships with providers allow them to offer comprehensive testing services to patients and their families so they can lead happy, healthy lives. In order to elevate the online experience for both patients and providers, the HNL Lab Medicine team needed a lift in their web presence to optimize their offerings into a more user-friendly interface. To do this, they trusted the Citro team to utilize the latest technologies offered by Kentico, through Kentico, to streamline their workflow for internal use with improved back-end functionality.   
As we looked to redefine the web experience for HNL Lab Medicine through Kentico, we needed to perform a complete redesign with development and CMS integration of two preexisting Kentico websites into one. This required us to build a rich component system that is both flexible for every content type, with the ability to retain consistency among thousands of pages, and that is theme-able. 

We also needed to come up with a way to handle their changing location data with office times/closures/features, we utilized Kentico and their external systems to create a seamless connection to communicate these timely data updates to the front-facing website.
We started with an initial team brainstorm in the summer of 2022 to discuss goals and strategy. We then looked into initiating a prototype design that included the features of an all-encompassing user experience. After that, it was our back-end developers’ time to shine. They went to work on laying out a structure in Kentico that would make importing any type of content a more seamless experience for the client. With the addition of new pages, page templates, and reusable components, this allowed marketers to build out content-specific pages tethered to their needs.

By utilizing their in-house built locations API, we were able to seamlessly integrate a user experience for website visitors to search and filter for patient service centers in their area and display results based on their needs. We used their internal system for location data storage, HIVE, and built the APR around it to allow our team to send data requests with optional filters (i.e. Open Now, Open Saturday, Open Sunday, etc.). The requested data was then processed for locations that were in a specific mile radius to be ordered from closest to farthest in a list on a map utilizing Google Maps javascript integration. 


Through the rich experience of Kentico, and over a year and a half’s worth of design, development, and dedication, HNL Lab Medicine was able to successfully launch their new website in December of 2023. This new site features an enhanced design with strategic implementation, and because of that, was entered as a Kentico Site of the Year 2023 candidate.