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Lehigh Valley Investment Group Lead-gen Mailer

Industries: Financial Services

Lehigh Valley Investment Group

Lehigh Valley Investment Group provides financial, retirement, and estate planning services for clients working toward their long term financial goals. Their team of financial advisors provide responsive, client-centered financial advice, committed to making your financial dreams a reality.

Since LVIG has an older audience, we knew that something tangible and delivered through the mail would be well-received. Citro wanted to see some measurable results from the lead-gen postcard for our client, which meant coming up with the right tactics. What started as a simple postcard quickly became a downloadable guide AND in-person mailer.

Our goal was to get LVIG more solid leads—but we also wanted to promote a positive outlook on 2021, and to encourage LVIG’s clients to focus on their future. The downloadable guide and in-person mailer became part of a financial care package that contained a “road map” to financial success in 2021. 

A referral card was included with the mailer to increase awareness, along with some additional items: a branded mask, the 21-step guide and a personal note from LVIG’s founder, Bob. 

“2021 will be your year! And LVIG is here to help you prepare for it. We are bringing optimism and financial confidence into 2021 and we want to make


Overall, we heard from the LVIG team that they received very positive feedback from their clients regarding their financial care package and road map to financial success! The campaign also resulted in a significant increase in traffic across the client's social channels and website.