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Lehigh Valley Investment Group Website

Industries: Financial Services

Lehigh Valley Investment Group

Lehigh Valley Investment Group provides financial, retirement, and estate planning services for clients working toward their long term financial goals. Their team of financial advisors provide responsive, client-centered financial advice, committed to making your financial dreams a reality.

Citro Digital was starting from scratch with Lehigh Valley Investment Group. They wanted to expand their audience but had no marketing in place. We needed to find a way to transform their branding, website, and social media to grab their audience’s attention to increase their following.
First, we gave them a complete makeover— starting with a modernized logo. From there, we brought a fresh contemporary shift to their design, improving the site. With usability in mind, we transformed their complex and bulky interface and revamped it to focus on a smooth user experience with access to all necessary financial tools and information needed, at the users’ fingertips.

We then focused on their social presence. A carefully curated strategy was developed to deliver LVIG’s message and open communication between them and their clients. To kick-start this plan of action we rolled out a Linkedin campaign that ran for 2 weeks, which gave us the head start we needed. Since we have taken over their social accounts, we have seen a 4.5% increase in engagement rate on Facebook, a 6.29% increase in engagement rate on Twitter, and a 22% increase in followers on Linkedin. We now continue our marketing efforts by managing their social media channels and maintaining upkeep on their website.