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A Well-Read Campaign

Lehigh Valley Reads

By joining a national campaign, LV Reads was determined to make a difference! Through the Million Minute Campaign, LV Reads wanted to make reading fun again and build a community of readers to set students up for success in their educational journey.
Our team took on building out Lehigh Valley Reads’ website, and the development of their Million Minute Challenge campaign. This was a part of a national campaign that LV Reads took part in as a marketing opportunity.

For this campaign, they specifically needed a web page with a complex form that would automatically count minutes and feed the information to billboards surrounding the Lehigh Valley area through an RSS feed. Additionally, we also needed to configure the website to translate their content into 4 different languages.

The ultimate goal was to first build a site that would adhere to the client’s creative visions and provide resources, news, and communications. Second, we aimed to engage their audience with the Million Minute Challenge as we incorporated an interactive feature to their site.
Our graphic designers were able to capture the their vision by implementing a creative and playful design, featuring their mascot, Cory. Cory was incorporated throughout the site to maintain a cohesive design as we developed the dynamic website and Million Minute Challenge landing page.

Overall, the campaign was a huge success that resulted in over 7.5 million minutes (and counting) submitted on the LV Reads site. #LVReadsaMillion spread across social media resulting in a web traffic increase and growth in audience.